Transportation and travelling

Route 10 and 11 goes through Esztergom city but from Budapest through Pomáz - Dobogókő we can use a passable road to the venue as well. This beautiful route approaches several popular tourist spots.
From Slovakia on the Route 63 - which has junctions with Route 76 and 564 - Esztergom can be reached through the Mária-Valéria (Slovakian: Márie Valérie) bridge.

On the Danube river the cruise ships and hydrofoils can be used between Budapest and Esztergom from May to the end of September.

The railways are well developed. On the nr2 Budapest-Esztergom railway line on weekdays 25, on weekends 19 train-pairs operate. Usually hourly, but in the morning and afternoon rush hours they run every half an hour. It is also convenient for disabled and bicycle transportation is allowed as well.

To the main bus station of Simor János street (Simor János utcai autóbusz állomás) there are bus lines from several places of the country, as well as one coming from Sturovo (Párkány), Slovakia regularly.

The neighbouring Sturovo city has also bus and railway stations.

Hungaria EuroCity: Sturovo (Párkány) – Pozsony – Brno – Prága – Drezda – Berlin – Hamburg (EC 172/173)
Varsovia EuroCity: Sturovo (Párkány) – Pozsony – Ostrava – Varsó (EC 130/131)

The local transportation's bright spot is the two sightseeing train lines, which operate from spring to autumn. In case of some events they run on an extended route.